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The anti-crime roadster is a purpose built car for street and show! This beautifully hand crafted machine is built to street legal specs on the "base" vehicle (1972-76 Lincoln Continental, 1970-72 GM full-sized station wagon, 1970-72 Chrysler or any chassis with a 127" wheelbase). Retaining all the modern conveniences and safety equipment, such as automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, tilt wheel, headlights and taillights, turn signals, seatbelts and full instrumentation, as well as all the "T.V." effects.

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Anti-Crime Roadster

'Simply The Finest'


From 1986 to present UMC has custom built these unique vehicles. The 8 month assembly time involves over 1000 hours of meticulous handcrafted workmanship to provide us with 'simply the finest' replica of this Anti Crime Roadster available anywhere! From the initial base car, we disassemble the car for a 'frame off' rotisserie restoration to which we clean, sand, paint & detail the frame, suspension and drivetrain components with a durable high gloss urethane topcoat. The superbly crafted fiberglass bodyshell is reinforced with a tubular steel substructure to which both are uniformly bonded and rubber mounted to the frame. The bodyshell is prepped, primed, and topcoated with a gorgeous high gloss triple black base/clear finish applied by CustomCarColors. Open the hood to reveal a smooth glossy inner hood liner (UMC exclusive) with ACR signal that compliments our highly detailed engine compartment. Our custom fabricated sheet steel nose 'enclosure' completely protects the radiator from road debris which is flanked on both sides by formed metal air boxes that direct air into the radiator for cooling. All this is one solid unit bonded into the nose and rubber mounted to the frame for a superior rattle free ride! The interior duplicates all the 'FX' of the TV car but modified for 'real world' driving with Autometer Instruments, B&M shifter, Moroso cooling, Painless wiring harness, Diest parachute packs, Radir wheels, Lexan windshieds, Grant steering wheel, Grote lighting, top quality upholstery, & much more along with our own custom fabricated billet aluminum pieces create ' SIMPLY THE FINEST'


  Length : 18'9"
Height : 4'
Width : 7'
Wheel Base : 127"
Weight : 3500lbs
Autometer Instruments : 160 m.p.h. speedo,
8000 r.p.m. tach, voltmeter, fuel, water and oil gauges
Wheels : Cragar SS/Radirs
T.V. Effects : ACR T.V. (functional) , compass, detecta-scope, turn lever, radar antenna, phone, chutes, rockets, turbine flame (functional), shifter, fire extinguisher, rotating beacon and light fx


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